Harvester, from 1200 Euro/month



Multifunctional worker, from 1200 Euro/month


Hospitality business

Hospitality worker, from 1300 Euro/month


Work for hostesses, from 1100 Euro/month


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About us
From Ukraine to Spain with care and attention

Anastastrust provides the employment services for Ukrainians in Spain. The war in Ukraine has become a challenge for the whole world, and we recognize it as a terrible tragedy and cannot stay away. Realizing the hardships that Ukrainians had to go through, we decided to help them find employment in Spain, away from explosions and danger. We pay great attention to every Ukrainian seeking employment and do our best to ensure that everyone finds his or her dream job. After all, as experience shows, Ukrainians are not only courageous, but also very laborious nation.

Large job base

We cooperate with many companies operating in various fields.

Legal employment

We provide testing of job applicants and companies and guarantee them legal and mutually beneficial cooperation.

What we offer

Our services

On-line consulting

It is not necessary to go to Spain immediately. We will advise you on available job vacancies, help you choose the most suitable ones and tell you about the next steps you need to take.


Selection of vacancies for the applicant

Applicants looking for a job can count on us. Our HR specialists will conduct a detailed analysis of job vacancies, find out the most interesting ones and help with the selection.


Advising on documents

Employment is always connected with paperwork. Our managers will advise you on the list of required documents and provide information on where and how to get them.



Information support

How to pass an interview? What are the intricacies of employment in Spain? What must be done first? What are the differences among regions? On which platforms can you find accomodation? These and many other questions need to be answered. Our managers can provide you with all the necessary information.


What do people say about us?

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Why us?

Our advantages

Extensive base of applicants

We know how to work with staff and have a fairly extensive and diverse base of applicants. Therefore, we can recommend several potential applicants for each of the partner company’s job vacancy.

Professional selection of applicants

From our side, we guarantee a professional and rigorous selection of candidates for vacancies. Experts of our company conduct a zero-stage interview upon clarification of all concerned details: level of training, experience, expectations, skills of applicants and their legal status.

Agility and efficiency

Being aware of the fact that our partner companies need employees as promptly as possible, we are working to find applicants in an expeditious manner. Therefore, we guarantee that the right person will be found on time.

Knowledge of Spanish and Ukrainian labor markets

Building connections between Spanish companies and Ukrainian employees, it is highly important to know the specifics of both Spanish and Ukrainian labor markets, as well as to be able to adequately assess the diploma and educational institution in Ukraine that issued it.

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