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Anastastrust provides the employment services for Ukrainians in Spain. The war in Ukraine has become a challenge for the whole world, and we recognize it as a terrible tragedy and cannot stay away. Realizing the hardships that Ukrainians had to go through, we decided to help them find employment in Spain, away from explosions and danger. We pay great attention to every Ukrainian seeking employment and do our best to ensure that everyone finds his or her dream job. After all, as experience shows, Ukrainians are not only a courageous, but also very laborious nation.

Work in Spain

The opportunity to work in Spain is quite attractive for Ukrainians, primarily because of the high wages and reliable employers. In Spain, there is labor migration, that is why workers from Ukraine are highly valued. Currently, more than 5 million officially registered foreigners already work in Spain.

The most in-demand professions:

The Spanish labor market is very wide and diverse: there is a demand for both highly qualified and multiskilled employees.

When it comes to specialists, the most demand are highly qualified employees with higher education and work experience. The exception is IT specialists, for whom  a diploma of higher education is not crucial, whereas applied knowledge and skills are more important.

The most common job vacancies for specialists are:

  • Medical Doctors;
  • Engineers;
  • IT specialists;
  • Bankers;
  • Financiers;

There is also a need for multiskilled employees, for which a higher education diploma is not so important. Practical skills, readiness and willingness to work, diligence and persistence will be crucial.

Popular job vacancies for women:

  • Hairdresser;

  • Manicurist/pedicurist;

  • Cosmetologist;

  • Cook;

  • Nurse (nursing aid, caregiver).

Popular job vacancies for men:

  • Builder;
  • Mechanic;
  • Haul trucker;
  • Laboratory assistant;
  • Plant worker (multiskilled employee).

Candidates without higher education, broad work experience or a specific profession should not give up. We offer such people job vacancies that do not require experience or certain unique skills at the start.

Why us?

We offer you

Large database of vacancies

Our company cooperates with many employers from various fields, so we can offer a very wide selection of vacancies for almost every applicant.

Information support

We understand how difficult it is sometimes for the applicant to cope with the intricacies of employment and living in a new country. Therefore, we attend to the needs of candidates and provide advisory services on a wide range of issues related to the specifics of work and life in Spain.

Preparation of documents

Dealing with legal formalities and preparation of documents are the most challenging stages: we provide not only advice but also assistance including the corresponding legal paperwork.

Vocational assistance

It often happens that in the beginning an applicant does not know what he/she would like and could do, in which case our experts will help with career guidance and identify available sectors of employment.

Salary in Spain

In Spain, there are two remuneration systems: 12 salaries per year or 14 salaries per year. As regards 12-month remuneration system customary for all Ukrainians, the minimum salary will be 1108 Euros per month or 34.6 Euros per day. Within the framework of 14-month system, employees receive additional salaries in December and June, but the minimum salary in that case will be 950 Euros per month.

As for the average salary, its size varies depending on the specialty and the region. Thus, in Madrid and Barcelona ​​salaries are always higher than in Murcia or Alicante. Financiers and bankers earn the most in Spain, with an average monthly income of 3300 Euros.


Requirements for candidates

  • Age over 16 years;
  • Availability of documents: international passport, medical insurance, entry permit;
  • Diploma of education (not always);
  • Knowledge of Spanish (not always).


What we offer


On-line consulting

It is not necessary to go to Spain immediately. We will advise you on available job vacancies, help you choose the most suitable ones and tell you about the next steps you need to take.


Selection of vacancies for the applicant

Applicants looking for a job can count on us. Our HR specialists will conduct a detailed analysis of job vacancies, find out the most interesting ones and help with the selection.


Advising on documents

Employment is always connected with paperwork. Our managers will advise you on the list of required documents and provide information on where and how to get them.



Information support

How to pass an interview? What are the intricacies of employment in Spain? What must be done first? What are the differences among regions? On which platforms can you find accomodation? These and many other questions need to be answered. Our managers can provide you with all the necessary information.


Questions and answers

Do I need to speak Spanish to get a job?
Do I need to homologate my diploma?
What is the official employment procedure?
Will I have to pay taxes?
Minimum salary and prices in Spain?

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