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Anastastrust provides the employment services for Ukrainians in Spain. The war in Ukraine has become a challenge for the whole world, and we recognize it as a terrible tragedy and cannot stay away. Realizing the hardships that Ukrainians had to go through, we decided to help them find employment in Spain, away from explosions and danger. We pay great attention to every Ukrainian seeking employment and do our best to ensure that everyone finds his or her dream job. After all, as experience shows, Ukrainians are not only courageous, but also very laborious nation.

By 2022, nearly 50,000 Ukrainians were legally employed in Spain, whereas the number of Ukrainians employed off-the-books exceeded several hundred thousand. In February 2022, Russia launched an all-out war against Ukraine. As a result, the number of displaced persons and refugees from Ukraine to Europe reached 5 million. Many Ukrainians went to countries with large diasporas, including Spain

Advantages of Ukrainian employees

Anastastrust specializes in the employment of Ukrainians, and we note a number of significant advantages offered by our applicants:

High moral motivation

For many Ukrainians, Spain has become a safe harbor, a country that provided refuge during the difficult war time. Most Ukrainians cannot or do not want to return to Ukraine and are motivated to build a new life. They are eager to get a job, learn Spanish and study culture in order to get integrated as quickly as possible.

High financial motivation

The monthly remuneration for work in Spain is much higher than in Ukraine. In addition, the war has undermined the Ukrainian economy. Therefore, salaries for Ukrainians in Spain are quite acceptable and encourage to do the job well.

Qualification and professionalism

Among Ukrainian migrants, there are people of various specialties and professions. Most of applicants have high qualifications, good education and work experience. They are able to perform duties of various degree of complexity.

What do we offer to companies?

Anastastrust has a well-differentiated and extensive base of applicants from Ukraine ready to do job of any complexity. We know the labor market well and can quickly select several applicants at once for all open vacancies in the specific company.

Focusing on the criteria specified in the vacancy, as well as on the special wishes and requirements, we guarantee the best selection of applicants. Among other things, we can effectively select applicants based not only on experience but also on knowledge of the specifics of the Ukrainian labor market and criteria for recognizing Ukrainian diplomas. That is why, Anastastrust guarantees the exact match between expectations from the candidate and reality.

Why us?

Our advantages

Extensive base of applicants

We know how to work with staff and have a fairly extensive and diverse base of applicants. Therefore, we can recommend several potential applicants for each of the partner company’s job vacancy.

Professional selection of applicants

For our part, we guarantee a professional and rigorous selection of candidates for vacancies. Experts of our company conduct a zero-stage interview upon clarification of all concerned details: level of training, experience, expectations, skills of applicants and their legal status.

Agility and efficiency

Being aware of the fact that our partner companies need employees as promptly as possible, we are working to find applicants in an expeditious manner. Therefore, we guarantee that the right person will be found on time.

Knowledge of Spanish and Ukrainian labor markets

Building connections between Spanish companies and Ukrainian employees, it is highly important to know the specifics of both Spanish and Ukrainian labor markets, as well as to be able to adequately assess the diploma and educational institution in Ukraine that issued it.

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