Identification number for foreigners in Spain

Identification number for foreigners or NIE is a document that confirms the residence of a foreigner in the territory of the country. Therefore, one of the first steps after crossing the Spain border will be obtaining NIE.

NIE is required to get a job, open a bank account, buy or sell real estate, register real estate in the Spanish State Property Registry, buy a car, pay taxes, get medical and other insurances, get a driver’s license or open your own business in Spain.

The following documents will be required to obtain NIE:

  • Application form (it is convenient to be filled out online).
  • Foreigner’s passport and its copy.
  • Document certifying residence in the territory of a certain consular district in Spain.

It should be mentioned that depending on the country district and region, the list of documents required for NIE registration may change. As for the terms of NIE registration, they can also change; on average, registration takes about two weeks.

NIE is also issued for minors, in which case the minor’s birth certificate and passports of the parents or trustees must be provided.