Going home for the holidays: how to visit Ukraine and return to Spain?

From the beginning of the full-blown war in Ukraine until today, many Ukrainian women left their homes and moved abroad, including to Spain. Their husbands, parents, relatives and acquaintances remained in Ukraine. We know from our own experience that many Ukrainian women have already settled their lives in Spain: they have found housing and work, and sent their children to school.

But this does not mean that they do not want to come to Ukraine at least for a while and be with their loved ones. Alongside with that, many Ukrainian women in Spain are frightened by the threat of losing the status of temporary protection or other problems with the law.

We want you to quiet down a little. Indeed, there are certain difficulties, but work on the relevant EU legislation is in progress. However, it is already known that Ukrainian women can leave Spain and go to Ukraine for a short period of time.

Short visits of relatives in Ukraine will not affect the legal status of Ukrainian women in Spain. If there is a need to stay in Ukraine for a long time, the law does not prohibit this opportunity either. The only point: Ukrainian women leaving Spain for a long period of time have to cancel their registration. After coming back to Spain, they have to apply for temporary protection status again.

This requirement somewhat complicates the trips to Ukraine. Anyway, we keep on tracking the changes to legislation for you. If we have any news, we will publish them on our website.