Spain is an ideal country for employment

Nowadays, many Ukrainians are planning to move and work abroad. Let’s take a look at the top job placement tips and use them to your Spanish practice.

  1. Right choice of the country

The variety of options for countries where you can go now and try to get a job there is impressive. However, you should approach the choice quite carefully. The advantages of Spain are: simple and transparent migration policy, the government’s interest in the employment of foreigners, and large diaspora of Ukrainians.

  1. Preparing a resume

When applying for a job, the correctness of preparing a resume is crucial. You can find the corresponding tips here. It should be noted that, in general, the requirements of Spanish employers regarding resumes are quite similar to the requirements of Ukrainian companies.

  1. Studying Spanish language

The Spanish labor market offers many jobs that do not require command of the language. However, you need to know Spanish at least at a basic level. This condition is not so much about employment but about comfortable living in the country.

  1. Availability of a record of employment

Do not forget about the basic set of documents required for employment. We are talking not only about a diploma, but also about a record of employment, a driver’s license and medical certificates. Availability of these documents is desirable and can significantly influence the employer’s decision.

  1. Legalization of diploma

Quite often, Ukrainian diplomas are not recognized abroad, and in order to confirm them, applicants should take an exam. However, in Spain, many Ukrainian diplomas are subject to homologation, that is, they are equated to Spanish.