Job search in Spain: regions for employment

If you are looking for a job in Spain, you have come to the right website. Go to the “Vacancies” page and choose the offer that suits you. If you have any questions, please contact our managers directly. The specialists of our company will help you in your job search: we will select the vacancy that suits you both in terms of payment and working conditions.

In this material, we will talk in detail about the job search in Spain by region. The fact is that the salary level in Spain varies significantly depending on the region.

Let’s compare the average salary in different cities in Spain. Barcelona (approx. 3.13 thousand euros) and Madrid (approx. 3.19 thousand euros) offer the highest salaries. A slightly lower level of monthly remuneration is in Bilbao (approx. 2.69 thousand euros) and Las Palmas (approx. 2.74 thousand euros). Many people choose Barcelona and Madrid for employment based on the salary level.

However, job search is not limited to salary monitoring alone. One should also take into account the climate conditions and level of unemployment in the region.

Malaga, Tenerife and the Balearic Islands are quite popular and attractive in terms of employment. The Balearic Islands are generally suitable for those who want to go to Spain for a seasonal work, as they have a mild climate, 300 days of sunshine a year and many resorts.

As for the level of unemployment, it varies from one region to another. Therefore, it is worth looking at the statistics and make sure that there are offers from employers in the region you have chosen.