Easing of migration rules in Spain

The Spanish authorities plan to ease the migration rules. The relevant draft has already been considered and approved by the country’s government.

The reason for simplifying the migration procedures was the scarcity of labor in various economy sectors. First of all, we are talking about the lack of labor in the fields of tourism and agriculture.

Spaniards can go to other countries of the European Union and get a job with a higher salary level. In Spain, there is not a large number of people willing to fill the vacancies. This is how a labor market crisis is developed.

In order to overcome it, the Spanish authorities decided to facilitate migration, thereby attracting more employees to the economy. First of all, the new reform will apply to those foreigners who have already arrived on the territory of Spain and have been there for more than two years, but do not have the necessary documents.

Such foreigners are offered work on legal grounds, the opportunity to complete training in the specialties that are in demand and employed in sectors where there is a shortage of workers.

On the other hand, the reform provides opportunities for foreign students, who will also be able to work up to 30 hours a week during the educational process.