July 29, 2022

How to find housing in Spain?

Quite often, Ukrainians in Spain have to search for jobs and housing simultaneously. Our company tries to promote and help in every possible way, therefore, in addition to job offers, we also decided to make a selection of useful and convenient rental resources for you. If you want…

житло в Іспанії, оренда житла в Іспаїі, аренда жилья в Испании

July 26, 2022

Housing rent in Spain

Our company specializes in employment of Ukrainians in Spain. We help Ukrainians to find the perfect job, and Spanish companies to find the best employees. However, human life is not limited to work alone, and we understand this well. We also know how difficult it is to decide…

July 11, 2022

How to prepare a resume for Spanish employers?

Resume is crucial in employment process. Information about work experience and education submitted by applicant to the employer is called a “resume” in Ukraine. However, in foreign countries it is correct to call it a “CV” – curriculum vitae – translated from Latin as “description of life”. One…