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Housing rent in Spain

Our company specializes in employment of Ukrainians in Spain. We help Ukrainians to find the perfect job, and Spanish companies to find the best employees.

However, human life is not limited to work alone, and we understand this well. We also know how difficult it is to decide to move and what problems Ukrainians in Spain face. Among other things, there is the issue of housing rent. So, we decided to create a small check list for those Ukrainians who are looking for housing in Spain.

Simple tips:

The procedure for housing renting in Spain is very similar to that in Ukraine, so there is no need to worry too much or expect any incomprehensible or illogical subtleties. And yet you should be ready for:

  • that you will be asked about money. In other words, having a certificate of employment will be a great advantage and will greatly simplify the renting process for you (you can find a job by examining our vacancies).
  • utility bills are not included in the rental price. Therefore, the actual cost of housing will be somewhat higher.
  • rules of the condominium, which must be carefully studied. In each individual case, the rules of condominium may differ, so you should always pay attention to them.
  • that your pets will receive a residence permit. If animals live in the housing without proper registration, the tenant can be penalized a round sum.

Follow the link and read the continuation of the material to learn more about housing costs in Spain and resources where you can find good rental offers.