How to prepare a resume for Spanish employers?

Resume is crucial in employment process. Information about work experience and education submitted by applicant to the employer is called a “resume” in Ukraine. However, in foreign countries it is correct to call it a “CV” – curriculum vitae – translated from Latin as “description of life”.

One page to success:

So, CV is a short description of the applicant’s life, and the key word is “short”. In Ukraine, specifying a lot of various information in CV is a common practice. However, this does not bring any profit, because it significantly complicates the work of HR manager and simultaneously creates a bad impression of the candidate. Moreover, a long CV seems to say: “I do not know how to highlight the essence and structure information.” Admit it, this is not the best way to form a first impression.

Therefore, when preparing a CV for Spanish companies, only the most important information should be specified. An optimal CV length is one page.

Valuable experience only:

First of all, the employer is more interested in applicant’s work experience than background. It is of fundamental importance when making a decision regarding an invitation to job talk. By the way, it is also called differently in Europe – an interview – which means “conversation”.

Quite often, applicants try to specify everything they are capable of in their CVs and include even minor part-time jobs or jobs that were not directly related to building a career in a certain field.

We do not advise to do that when preparing a CV for Spanish employers. It is better to make the impression of a purposeful person who is steadily moving towards the goal. In that case, in the course of an interview the candidate will not have to explain all aspects of the labor market in Ukraine and life circumstances that forced him to withdraw from his primary occupation for a certain period of time.


Boring and typical Word files do not make an impression, they do not explain anything about the applicant’s individuality. Therefore, it is better to express knowledge and skills and deliver more on the CV.

Spanish employers will appreciate an informative and well-structured CV. By the way, currently there are a lot of free services, using which you can create a perfect CV, which will make the right impression and constitute the first step to obtaining the best job in Spain.