Procedure for homologation of diplomas in Spain

The Spanish labor market needs highly qualified workers, as well as specialists in those areas where a diploma of higher education is obligatory. Ukrainians who have such diplomas and professional experience over 5 years have a high chance of employment with a decent salary. However, there is a challenging stage on the way to the goal that needs to be overcome, namely, confirmation of diploma.

Who does not need to homologate his/her diploma ?

Before starting the diploma confirmation procedure, a candidate must make sure that it is necessary. Some diplomas of Ukrainian universities can be homologated, i.e. are recognized as identical to Spanish ones.

Diplomas in such specialties as medicine, architecture, engineering, jurisprudence, journalism and accounting are often recognized as identical. However, it should be taken into consideration that recognition of diploma of higher education does not guarantee an employment, because the next requirement will be knowledge of Spanish.

Diploma homologate stages in Spain

If it is necessary to homologate the diploma, a certain sequence of actions must be followed. One should be aware of the fact that it is not a specific specialty that is homologated, but rather the availability of diploma in a certain area of expertise.

  1. Submission of application to the Ministry of Education of Spain

The following documents must be attached to the application: passport, residence permit, apostilled diploma and certificate confirming knowledge of Spanish.

  1. Sitting the exams

For each specialty, a comprehensive examination will be held at a specific state university in Spain.

  1. Resitting the exams

If you failed to pass the exam at the first attempt, you can submit a new application and try again.

Summarizing the above, one can say that the procedure for  homologate a diploma of higher education in Spain is quite simple and transparent, whereas the cost of the service is 450 Euros, and it is available to most candidates. The only major obstacle is the need to learn Spanish. However, almost every applicant, who plans to stay long in Spain and have a career growth, will be forced to learn the language.